a little boy named Rex

When you see a couple that have 6 children, you can bet that a significant amount of their married life has been spent discussing names. For us, I'm sure it's more than most. Never one to make a decision lightly, we've spent many agonizing hours in discussion over the names of our children. But not Rex- Rex was always a slam dunk. We both loved it and agreed immediately.  We’re both drawn to vintage names and I always thought Rex was an inherently manly sounding name. Since then, on this day especially, it has come to mean much more. Rex was named after his great-great uncle, an army pilot who served during WW2. Rex Pond flew C-46 ‘Commandos’ back and forth across the European theater carrying supplies and support to the front lines and then wounded soldiers back to safety. On one such mission with a plane full of wounded soldiers flying over France, Rex's plane encountered mechanical problems, the wing tore off mid-flight, and the plane plummeted to the ground. There were no survivors.  Every year since, villagers of the small French village of Taillefontaine place flowers near the site on the anniversary of the crash, adopting those American soldiers as their own.  Today, a monument stands on a hill overlooking the site and commemorating those whose lives were lost in service.  On this Memorial Day I am grateful for a young man willing to pay that last full measure of devotion to his country, and for a little boy carrying his name and legacy.